Pool fences are not all equal…

From CHOICE magazine report

Pool fence essentials

  • Standard certification The fence should be certified as meeting Australian Standard AS 1926.1; look for labels such as the red and white “5Ticks” mark, or ask the supplier for a statement of compliance. Our testing suggests this isn’t always a guarantee that individual fence panels will pass the standard tests, but is still worth looking for.
  • Design and material No one design or material is necessarily safer than another. However, our results indicate loop-top or similar style fences might be worth considering over flat-top designs– see Types of pool fence.
  • Installation Check that the installer is familiar with local pool fence regulations. If you’re installing it yourself, contact your local council and state government to get a copy of all applicable laws. Guides for pool fence installation are available. When the fence is complete, get the local council or authority to inspect it and give you a certificate of compliance.

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